Novi izgled vaše najdraže aplikacije - Azil Osijek

Započnite potragu za psom vaših snova u potpuno novom digitalnom okruženju.

Katarina GagulićMarketing Manager

What Makes a Great Company Culture?

Let's talk culture baby.

Katarina GagulićMarketing Manager

Iskustvo s Android prakse

Novi mjesec, nova praksa!

Katarina GagulićMarketing Manager

Agile, Scrum, Kanban  -  demystified

There's a lot of confusion around these terms so let's sort them out once and for all.

Josipa MarušićProduct Owner

COBE Tech at Web Summit 2019

The best of the best tech conference?

Josipa MarušićProduct Owner

Iskustvo s Web development prakse

Pogledaj kako se Filip snašao na praksi u COBE-u.

Katarina GagulićMarketing Manager

Iskustvo s Project Management prakse

Kako izgleda studentska praksa u COBE-u.

Katarina GagulićMarketing Manager

Your 5 Step Automation Starter Pack

Things to watch out for when starting the process of automation.

Dolores KatićQuality Assurance

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Developing Android Apps with Kotlin and Clean Architecture

How to keep your codebase clean.

Luka KordićAndroid Developer

8 Questions You Need to Ask Your Team in Your Next Scrum Retrospective

Try them out and see what happens next.

Nikolina MihićQuality Assurance

Product Ownership — Rights and Wrongs

How I found myself in the PO profession and what I learned along the way

Josipa MarušićProduct Owner

How to Implement Day/Night Mode in Your Android App

Find out the easiest way to do it yourself.

Goran LuketicAndroid Developer

Prioritization in Quality Assurance — How we do it

Five levels of prioritization in COBE

Nikolina MihićQuality Assurance

ScrumFaces Update — You’ve asked, we delivered.

Check out what’s new.

Katarina GagulićMarketing Manager

How Playing Sports Can Help Your Future Career

7 qualities we recognise in former athletes and why you should consider them too.

Katarina GagulićMarketing Manager

How We Got the Whole Team to Practice QA for a Month

Find out how you can do it in your agency too.

Katarina GagulićMarketing Manager

Fantastic Requests and How to Handle Them — A Backend Story

Get a glimpse of the magic land of Backendia.

Vlado KopićBackend Developer

Level up your React architecture with MVVM

Step up your React game.

Danijel VincijanovićFront-end Developer

It’s Test O’Clock!

How to do Quality Assurance in Agile Development

Nikolina MihićQuality Assurance

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